Professional Services

Individual Clients

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Working with you to maximise your independence

Our Occupational Therapists complete assessments for all clients in their home environment or workplace.

This may be to get advice for specific equipment or a general assessment to enable independence. Following an assessment, a report will be provided to assist with funding applications, landlord consent, planning, and design.

Rehabilitation for Clients

Occupational Therapists can offer rehabilitation to adults and children following an assessment. This may be used to assist independence in the home or to improve function in everyday activities. We are here to help you gain independence at work, in school or in your leisure pursuits.

Specialised Skills

We have therapists with specialised skills in the treatment of clients with a head injury and neurological conditions. These include those who have had a stroke or have multiple sclerosis. Moreover, we offer clients with chronic conditions advice on energy conservation, fall prevention and joint protection. This enables clients to achieve their maximum mobility potential and reach their goals.

In addition to this, our Occupational Therapists can advise on methods of coping with the effects of dementia.

Equipment and Adaptations

For individuals who require equipment or adaptations, please visit our shop at Cheshire Oaks. Our staff specialise in both equipment and mobility assessments. We believe it is vitally important to take individual needs into account to ensure that appropriate equipment is provided.