Equipment and Adaptations

Daily Living Solutions

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Maximising your independence for everyday activities

There is an increasing array of daily living products to assist you to remain safe and independent in the home.

Get useful and effective daily living solutions

At RKS our team can guide you to the most useful and effective solutions to help you. We have feeding and drinking utensils, kitchen gadgets, bathing equipment and provide aids to help you on and off the toilet. RKS also offers a regular supply of continence products delivered to your door if required.

We will listen to your problems, consider your aims and help you reach your goals. Our goal is to ensure choice and quality in the products we  provide.

Equipment Demonstrations

At RKS we work closely with our Supplier Representatives and can arrange demonstrations of equipment, especially the more complex and costly equipment, before you buy.

NHS Prescriptions

We are a registered Community Equipment Dispenser and accredited retailer enabling you to redeem your NHS prescription in our shop.